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Performing CRUD Operations in Power Apps using any Data Source – Part V

, August 19, 20231350 Views

In the previous 4 blog parts, we have shown what data source we are using, Data Model View, how to connect to any data source in Power Apps, how to read data from any Data source, how to create records using the Patch method for column of any data type, how to update existing records […]

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New Alternative of Navigate() function on App.StartScreen and App.OnStart in Canvas apps

, May 5, 20225184 Views

We were facing some issue when writing code of Navigation in App.StartScreen and App.OnStart of App within PowerApps. It is widely used for the initialization of global variables, prefetching of data into collections, and to determine which screen should be shown first. By default, the first screen shown when an app starts is the first […]

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Show LOOKUP field as dropdown in PowerApp & update value in D365 Sales

, July 3, 20209597 Views

Recently, I got a case where I need to show a lookup field as dropdown in Canvas App and update its value in D365 Sales. I have searched a lot over the internet but failed. In my opinion, there is no handy material available for this problem at internet. So, after lots of struggle I […]

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