Handling Dead Letter Queue(DLQ) using Logic App

, February 11, 20197850 Views

In our previous blog, we have explained how to handle DLQ using the Azure Functions. Please refer: https://www.inkeysolutions.com/blogs/handling-dead-letter-queuedlq-using-azure-functions/ Lets now learn how to read the messages from the DLQ using the Logic App: First and foremost, we need to identify the message received in the Dead Letter Queue. So, the trigger step in the Logic […]

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Integrate external web resource with Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Azure Service Bus & Logic App

, September 5, 20183776 Views

Today in this blog, I will explain how we can communicate with the Microsoft dynamics 365 from an external website using Azure Service Bus & Logic App. Using Logic App we can create, update, return list of records etc from the CRM. Below is an example of how we can create the record in the […]

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