Why the power distribution industry needs to be cloud first

, April 13, 2023 492 Views

Today the world relies on electricity more than ever before. This means the slightest disruption in supply of power from the generation stations to the consumer, be it an industry or an individual can have drastic effects. The best-case scenario would be a slight inconvenience. The worst-case scenario would be death. The power generation part may remain efficient, but it is the power distribution part that faces more challenges. A natural disaster like a flood might destroy a substation that is lying in a low-lying area, a powerful cyclone might rip power cables and some anti-social elements can destroy a substation during riots. These are the problems that only the power distribution points face. And the companies managing these have to respond to them on a high priority. This industry happens to be among the few not affected by the pandemic. 

The biggest opportunity would come from the renewable energy sector, where more and more governments are incentivizing citizens to add solar panels to their rooftops. This can make the citizens net producers of electricity where whatever extra electricity that they produce goes back to the local grid. This means the infrastructure has to be set up starting from homes to the nearest substation and has to be upgraded to allow the electricity to move both ways. 

The bigger sources of renewable energy would be large solar and wind farms which would be situated a good distance from the nearest infrastructure. This could be deserts, sea, canals and hilltops. Transporting electricity from these regions would present a good challenge to the power distribution companies. 

The way forward 

Managing all of these tasks and paperwork is obviously a herculean task. Most companies would have moved to some form of digitization and in doing so they would have found the obvious benefits of increase in efficiency and saving of time. But digitization needs to be improved. If the companies are managing all their work in multiple applications, they will have to manage all of these applications. The employees will also have to switch between applications multiple times a day, which would cause a disconnect. A single application would solve all of these problems. 

Moving to cloud would be another obvious advantage. If the single application is on the cloud, the companies will not have to worry about the infrastructure. Companies can choose between a private cloud, a public cloud or even a hybrid cloud depending on their requirements. 

And so 

Having an efficient application to manage all of their work would be greatly beneficial but moving to cloud would prove to be even more for this industry. So the sooner the industry moves to cloud the more efficient they stand to become.


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