PowerApps And PowerBI Integration

, July 10, 2020 2463 Views

Lets check out integration of PowerApps and Power BI in this blog. PowerApps and Power BI are pretty awesome tools by themselves. By combining them, we can potentially, achieve a lot more.

By putting the PowerApp within the Power BI itself, we can give the user the ability to put in the data that he wants to see on the Power BI report in real time. For example, the user can put in the number of emails that he will send for marketing to his leads and depending upon the calculations in Power BI, he will be able to get an idea of how many leads will transform into opportunities.

Below is a generic way.

Add PowerApps in Power BI

Let’s look at the steps required to use the Power Apps visual in your Power BI report.

  • In Power BI desktop you’ll be able to see PowerApps for Power BI visual by default. But in case you are not able to find it then update your Power BI desktop or add it in your list from marketplace.
  • Add PowerApps visual to your report.

  • The above step will add PowerApps Visual on your Power BI report. Now, add associate field in ‘PowerApps Data’.

  • Now, in the above image you’ll see two options ie. “Choose app” and “Create new”. Let’s start with Create new. Below are the steps
  • When you’ll click on ‘Create new’ then you’ll get a pop up as shown in figure. Click OK.

  • Then you’ll be redirect to login screen. Login with your credentials.

  • Below screen will get open. Click Skip.

  • Then as per the below image your app screen will get open. You can modify it further.

  • Click ‘File’ option to Save your application.

  • Click on ‘Save as’ and give appropriate name to your app. Then click ‘Save’.

  • Then go to your Power BI desktop and you’ll able to see your app in PowerApps visual.

  • Next let’s start with Choose app. Below are the steps
  • Click on ‘Choose app’ button.

  • When you’ll click on Choose app, you’ll get the list of all the applications in your associate PowerApps. Select the app which you want to integrate in Power BI and then click ‘Add’ button.

  • Then you’ll able to see the screen as per the below image.

  • If you want to edit your app then Click ‘Go to PowerApps Studio’ and make the changes in your app else click ‘Skip’. Then you’ll able to see your app in PowerApps visual.

I hope this will help you!!

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