Microsoft Fabric – The One-Stop Shopping Mall

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Microsoft Fabric: Your One-Stop Shopping Mall

Imagine going to groceries and being forced by your mother to negotiate the best price for a
variety of things from different vendors; it sounds tiresome, doesn’t it? What is the easier way
to resolve this? You will visit a supermarket, where you can simply find everything you need
under one roof.

Data professionals face challenges in identifying the best Microsoft products and services for
their needs due to dispersed offerings. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Fabric in 2023 to
address these issues.

We must be perplexed as to what Microsoft Fabric is?

Fabric offers data professionals a comprehensive solution for data migration, data science,
real-time analytics, and business intelligence. It provides data lake, engineering, and
integration services in one location, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Fabric’s
Software as a Service (SaaS) platform simplifies analytics needs, ensuring simplicity and

Power BI

Power BI is a popular business intelligence platform that enables quick and easy access to
data in Fabric for better decision-making. It is a unified, scalable platform for enterprise and
self-service use, allowing visualization and integration into daily-use apps.

Data Factory

Azure Data Factory offers simplicity and strength with over 200 native connectors for
connecting to cloud-based and on-premises data sources. It enables ingesting, preparing, and
converting data using sophisticated transformations and activities.

Dataflows and pipelines are the two main high-level functionality that Data Factory

  • Dataflows provide you access to more than 300 transformations in the dataflows
    designer, making it simpler and more flexible to convert data, including intelligent
    AI-based data transformations.
  • Using data pipelines, you can create customizable data workflows by utilizing the
    out-of-the-box comprehensive data orchestration features.

Synapse Data Engineering
Microsoft Fabric enables businesses to design, create, and maintain data-driven systems.
Microsoft Fabric provides data engineering features for high-quality, accessible, and
organized data.

  • Create pipelines for data copying and lakehouse management.
  • Use Spark Job definitions for submitting batch or streaming jobs.
  • Utilize notebooks for data intake, preparation, and transformation coding.

Synapse Data Science

Fabric allows data science skills to create, distribute, and operationalize machine learning
models using Azure Machine Learning. This process utilizes capabilities like Data Wrangler,
ML Flow, model training, Cognitive Services, big language models, and PREDICT. Data
scientists can add predictions to organizational data and business analysts can include them in
BI reports, transitioning from descriptive to predictive insights.

Synapse Data Warehouse

Synapse offers an open, infinitely expandable data warehouse with complete separation of
compute and storage, enabling independent scaling. It supports open Delta Lake format and is
enterprise-ready, ensuring seamless scaling without additional resources. Synapse’s parquet
file storage differs from Azure SQL DB or Dataflow.

Synapse Real-Time Analytics

Observational data, gathered from various sources like apps, IoT gadgets, and human
interactions, is rapidly growing. It is semi-structured and large, making Synapse challenging
for data warehousing platforms. Real-time analytics utilizes event streaming technologies,
mirroring data into KQL DB and Lakehouse, and using Power BI for visualization.


Microsoft Fabric Lake, also known as OneLake, is the data lake for Fabric services, storing
organizational data.

OneLake SaaS provides a unified experience for developers using Azure Data Lake Storage
Gen2, simplifying infrastructure concepts like resource groups, Role-Based Access Control,
and redundancy without requiring an Azure account.

OneLake eliminates data silos by offering a single, integrated storage solution for developers,
simplifying data discovery and sharing, and ensuring universal adherence to policy and
security settings.

OneLake centralizes analytics data, integrated with Microsoft Fabric tenants.

  • A single organization-wide data lake.
  • Utilizing a single data copy across multiple analysis engines

Microsoft Fabric: Your One-Stop Shopping Mall

Microsoft will expand Fabric with Data Activator and Purview.

Data Activator automates business analyst’s trigger actions from data using Microsoft

Data Activator operates in three steps to drive actions:

  • Connect to your data.
  • Detect actionable conditions.
  • Trigger actions.

Microsoft Purview offers data governance, risk management, and compliance tools for
businesses to control, safeguard, and manage their data estate. It addresses remote user
connectivity, data fragmentation, and traditional IT management responsibilities. Microsoft
Purview supports software-as-a-service (SaaS) data services, Microsoft 365, on-premises,
multicloud, and risk and compliance solutions. Using Microsoft Purview, you can:

  • Safeguard data across clouds, apps, and devices.
  • Identify data risks and manage regulatory compliance.
  • Start ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Create a comprehensive data estate map.
  • Identify sensitive estate data storage locations.
  • Secure data access for data consumers.
  • Discover data storage and usage insights.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Fabric serves as an all-encompassing solution, streamlining data
professionals’ tasks with a unified platform. It consolidates Microsoft products, amplifying
data-driven decision-making, and expands with Data Activator and Purview to facilitate
efficient data governance, compliance, and organizational success in a data-centric

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